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Wedding Booking Form and contract

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Wedding Photography Booking Form and Contract

Please Note - These forms are to be completed in order to book me as your wedding photographer. If you have questions or would like to inquire about my services and availability you can contact me HERE

Thank you for choosing me to be your Wedding Photographer.

Before completing the forms below, there are just a couple of things to be aware of.
There are two forms to complete and you will need to press the SUBMIT button for each from  - The Wedding Booking Form and Wedding Photography Contract. 
Once you start to fill in these forms, do not navigate away from the site before finishing or all the information you have entered may be lost. If you need to check my prices or find out any more information from other parts of my site, open a new browser window to do this.

Have a glance through the forms below and make sure you have all the information required to complete them before starting. If there are parts that you are unsure of on the booking form just write “not known”. Nearer the time of the wedding we can confirm all the details and complete the missing sections. 
Once completed I will email you a signed copy the contract which you will need to sign and a copy of the your booking form for your reference. I will also send an invoice for your deposit with payment details. 

Thank you again,


All the information submitted will be private, protected and not shared with third party organizations. You will not receive spam or any other information that is not directly linked to your wedding.

Wedding Photography Booking Form

Brides Name *
Brides Name
Grooms Name *
Grooms Name
Please list the mobile phone numbers for the bride and groom.
If the reception it at the same location as the wedding please state "As Above"
Please state the rough duration for which you require my photography service - My prices can be found on my Wedding page in my Services area.
Getting Ready *
Do you require images of the Bride and Groom getting ready before the wedding?
Pre Wedding Shoot *
Would you like a Pre Wedding/Engagement Photo Shoot - This really helps us get to know each other before your big day.
Formal Images
Will you require and formal possed images?
Will you require any large group shots? Please give details below.
Please list any special requirements or anything else you think I should know about the wedding. If you have any great ideas for your Wedding Photos please let me know below.
Terms and Conditions
Please check this if you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Please Submit the Booking Form BEFORE moving on the the Contract
Terms and conditions
 1. This constitutes an order for wedding photography. It is understood that any and all proofs, sample prints and negatives remain the property of Joseph Hall Photography, and they may be used for advertising, display or any purpose thought proper by Joseph Hall Photography.
2. Although care will and is taken with the photographs taken at the wedding, in the unlikely event that they should be damaged, lost or not delivered  Joseph Hall Photography will return all fees as per the contract below.
3. Upon completion of this form, Joseph Hall Photography reserves the time and date agreed upon receipt of a minimum deposit of €250, and will not make other reservations for that time and date. For this reason, all deposits are non-refundable, even if the date is changed or wedding cancelled for any reason.
4. A Minimum Deposit of €250 is due to secure the date of your wedding, and the remaining balance for your photography is due on the day of your wedding. Payment details will be sent via email on receipt of your completed booking form.


Joseph Hall Photography                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 1/4
Wedding Photography Contract - Updated 07.09.18. Previous version copies available on request.

In the following conditions of contract ¨The Photographer(s)¨ Joseph Hall Photography or subject to condition 8 below, any Photographer appointed by Joseph Hall Photography. ¨The Client(s)¨ shall be those whose name(s) appear on the contract and the on-line booking form. The duel performance of the contract is subject to the conditions below and they cannot be varied in any way by either the Photographer(s) or the client(s) unless such conditions are expressly agreed by The Photographer (s) in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties to this contract.

 1. Copyright: The Maltese 'Copyright Act (Cap.415 of the laws of Malta) assigns the copyright of the photographs to the Photographer(s). The Photographer(s) shall retain Copyright in all the material produced by the Photographer and this right shall accrue to the benefit of his/her successors, legal representatives and assigns.

a) The Photographer shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever resulting from alterations made to the material by the Client. The Photographer grants the Client the right to make unlimited number and format of copies of the photographs in any medium for personal use and the Photographer shall issue a written Photo Copyright Release for third parties to authorize such reprints. The Client shall obtain written permission from the Photographer prior to selling or publishing any of the material for financial gain.

 2. Terms of Sale: The Client(s) will comply with the current terms of sale (as appear on the booking form 'Terms and Conditions') and with those that may additionally be in force at the time of ordering. 

 3. Display: The Photographer(s) may display any photograph covered by this contract in his website, portfolio, as part of an advertising campaign, as part of a temporary or permanent display and/or other places that he may decide from time to time. No use of the photographs will be made by The Photographer(s) for financial gain except with the prior permission of The Client(s) in writing. 

  4. Licence, Coverage and Reproduction: 

a) The Photographer(s) shall be granted artistic licence in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. The Photographer(s) judgment regarding the location, poses and number of photographs taken shall be deemed correct.

b) The Photographer(s) shall endeavour to photograph guests at some point during the day, but no responsibility will be taken in the event of leaving somebody out. 

c) During the ceremony The Photographer(s) movements are sometimes restricted by the minister in charge or videographers. The area from which The Photographer(s) are to cover the ceremony may not be of The Photographer(s) choice and we cannot accept responsibility for any obstructed view should this be the case. 

d) The Photographer(s) shall endeavour to capture all the moments throughout the day as they occur. However, because of the nature of the event, as a one off some unforeseen moments might not be recorded.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Page 2/4

5. Prices: The price for service is calculated from the number of hours required as stated on The Client(s) submitted booking form and noted on The Photographer(s) invoice.

a) The Client(s) will be liable to pay any reasonable additional costs incurred by The Photographer(s) on the contracted date incurred only for the purposes of properly performing this contract, such as car parking fees/fines (where no suitable free parking space was available and searching to find a space could result in missing part of the wedding).

b) Hours over the contracted amount will be charged at €150+vat per hour or part of. 

c) A basic meal must be provided for the photographer and assistant (if applicable). This should be within sound and sight of the main wedding party. 

d) Travel costs may apply and these will be met by The Client(s). Travel in Malta is included in all packages.

  6. Payments: 

a) A non-refundable booking fee of €250 together with a completed Booking Form and agreed contract will confirm your booking.

b) The balance is due prior to or on the contracted date, unless other arrangements are made. 

c) All prints and albums must be paid for in full before any design will commence. 

d) Images for your album must be presented for design with 12 months of receiving your online galleries and designs approved within 10 days of being sent proofs. Failure to choose your album images within 12 months of being presented with them will result in your album order being void. 

7. Force Majeure: 

a) The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by The Photographer(s) owing to any cause beyond their control (i.e. sudden illness). 

b) The Photographer(s) has prepared lists of other professional photographers who will be contacted by their staff (or family) in the event that they are not able to attend your function due to clause 7a). 

c) In the event of cancellation by the Photographer(s) (although all attempts will be made to arrange for another photographer to be present) – see clause 7b), or in the unlikely event of total photographic failure The Photographer(s) liability shall be limited to a full refund of monies paid (i.e. deposit). 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 3/4

8. Cancellation Fees:  

If The Client(s) should have to cancel a booking the following cancellation fee (as may be appropriate to their case) will become due immediately upon said cancellation. Cancellation of less than 12 weeks’ notice prior to the wedding will result in payment in full. All cancellations must be in writing. Weddings that are postponed to a later date will retain the fee as long as the photographer can re-schedule for the new date and time and any increases in annual pricing will apply. In all cases where The Photographer(s) are able to re-book that date with an equivalent function then the cancellation fee will be refunded accordingly. 

 9. Governing Law: 

Any contract made between The Photographer(s) and The Client(s) shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with Maltese Law and the parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese Courts. 

10. File Preparation and Delivery: 
a) The Photographer(s) will commence the process of editing the final images as soon as possible.Final images (the approximate number of which appears on the price list available at ) will be made available for download via the Client(s) online gallery no later than 12 weeks from the date of wedding.   

b) Image files will be supplied in Hi Res Jpeg format with no watermarks via private online gallery.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 4/4

By ticking the I Agree checkbox below the parties below agree to the information contained in the document:
Joseph Hall Photography
Wedding Photography Contract.


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