Joseph Hall Photography

Short Biography

A little about me and Photography
My passion for photography started when I was only ten years old, my mother gave me a book on the subject. It was close to my eleventh birthday and guess what I wanted for a my birthday? Yep, my first camera. I remember so clearly going with my father to the local camera shops in Norwich, my home town, to choose one. From the book I had I already knew it was an SLR camera that I wanted and eventually decided on a Fujica STX 1 with a standard 50mm lens. That was it, I was hooked and spent hours upon hours taking pictures and studying as much as I could. All my pocket money from then on was spent on film, processing and equipment.
When I was fifteen I managed to get a Saturday job in Dixons in the photography department which was great, getting discounts on all the equipment and having the chance to play with all the latest gear. Yes, I am a gear head, I love photography equipment!!

Sidemount Diving

At sixteen I took a full time position with an Advertising Studio in Norwich (Keith Neil Studio) I was a Photographers Assistant, my dream job. I was very lucky as there were not so many studios around at the time and Keith's was the best in the area. This was where I really learned my trade, working with clients such as Lotus Cars, The RAC, Purdy Shotguns and the Hamper People. Everything was of course shot on film back then, mostly large format 4x5 and 8x10 transparency film sheets. I remember how strange it seemed when I first went into the studio to meet Keith, he was standing up a ladder with a cloak over his head which enabled him to see through the back of the camera!!
I learned about Advertising Photography, lighting, film types, set building, location work, film processing and printing. I also gained experience working with art directors to get exactly the shots they needed. By this time I already had my own darkroom set up and was processing and printing all my own black and white stuff. I stayed with Keith for about three years, like I said it was my dream job and I learned a lot. But there was something missing, I loved studio work but I liked to shoot people more. I had started to work part time at weekends as a wedding photographer and I loved the interaction with my clients. I was getting very good at wedding photography and my plan was to set up my own business as a wedding and portrait photographer. Then I saw an ad in a photography magazine “Cruise Ship Photographers Wanted”
What an easy decision to make, nineteen and a chance to see the world doing what I loved! So I went for an interview and the next thing I knew I was in Puerto Rico waiting for my first ship and first job with the Cruise Ship Picture Company. I loved the work, taking thousands and thousands of images of people having fun. I learned color processing and printing but mostly how to work with and photograph people and all whilst sailing round the Caribbean and the Bahamas, another dream job!! I made loads of new friends and some how, without the aid of social media sites, I managed to stay in touch with to this day.  
During my time on ships I discovered my other passion in life – Scuba Diving. After three years on ships I left to study to be a Diving Instructor. I spent a brief time living in Denmark and eventually ended up in Malta, I did my Instructor course here. During the late nineties I lived and worked as a diving Instructor in Malta for over three years and did very little photography. After Malta I moved back to the UK and Norwich to start up a Dive Centre which I owned and managed over ten years. Thats when I started to get back into photography, a new type of photography - Digital and I loved it.  I mostly taught underwater digital photography but still did some portraits, headshots, small events and the occasional wedding. Now 90% of what I do is Digital.
In 2012 I moved back to Malta to start up as a photographer again. I was lucky enough to get a job as a manager in a busy Dive Centre (Diveshack) with a very understanding boss that gave me time to work on building my photography business till I had enough work to do it full time. I still dive and teach part time, I am very lucky I am able to combine my two passions in life and get paid for doing them. 
I love most types of photography, product, still life, portraiture, weddings, landscape and recently I have been enjoying Street Photography in my free time. I am a great HeadShot and Portrait photographer and thats my passion. Give me just one hour of your time in my studio and I will give you the best HeadShot ever!!