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Maternity and Newborn Prices

Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography in Malta. A maternity photo session is a great way to capture the beauty of your pregnancy. Special portrait sessions for growing newborns. Custom newborn photography session for your new baby. Family photography sessions, infancy photo shoots. Sitting Baby photo shoots and photography sessions. First Birthday photo and photography shoots and sessions. First Birthday Party photography. Birthday Cake photography and photography of childrens birthday party's

Maternity A maternity photography session is a great way of capturing the beauty of your pregnancy. Pregnancy photography sessions are usually scheduled for your third trimester (7 to 9 months) and are taken at an interesting nearby location using natural light. Studio sessions are also available €150.00 - 20 Edited Hi Res Image Files

Babies grow and change in the blink of an eye.  I can hardly remember how small and precious my daughter once was.   Documenting children with photography is so important in remembering this special time in their lives.  After all, every day a baby grows a little bigger.

“Watch Them Grow”  This is my Portrait Special for growing newborns. You want to capture all of the important milestones occurring during the first year of life.  This collection offers special pricing for the new baby and family and at first is best conducted in the comfort of your own home. It’s a portraiture package that includes all four sessions listed for one special price payable in four payments over a one year period. €525
Newborn Portraiture The first 10 days of life.  Custom photography Session featuring your new baby and the things that make your child unique. Photography close ups of fuzzy skin, wrinkly folds, tiny toes, and sleepy shots all in the comfort of my studio €125 - 20 Edited Hi Res Image Files
Infancy Within the Third or Fourth Month.  I love to capture the first genuine smiles from baby.  Profiles are best at this age because baby may be pushing up when on their tummy €150 - 20 Retouched Hi Res Image Files 

Sitting Baby Within Months Six to Eight. Babies develop at their own pace, so sitting is such a big milestone for any baby €150 - 20 Edited Hi Res Image Files 

Birthday Baby Within 11 ½ and 12 ½ months.  Bring the birthday cake, it’s time to get messy and celebrate.  I also do a family portrait to celebrate the entrance into toddler-hood. If you prefer I can do the session at their First Birthday Party with a reportage documentary approach €150 - Number of supplied Hi Res image files varies

What is included:
Four separate sittings at the milestone ages: Newborn, Infancy, Sitting Baby, and Birthday Baby.  Each consisting of one to two hours of photography with the final 20 retouched images from each session supplied via Hi Res download from your own private easy to use gallery.  Printing can be arranged for an extra cost depending on what you may require. The individual sessions are available at the prices listed. Please contact me for more details.

How it works:

When you book with me during the run up to your shoot we keep in touch and share any ideas you have for special images you would like to try- Pinterest is great for this. We work out a location for your shoot. It may be you have some place special already in mind or I can make some suggestions (Newborn shoots are best done at my studio, for any home visits please add an additional €25 to the prices above) The shoot would last for around an hour and a half (up to 3 hours for a Newborn) during which time I would expect to take some 150-250 images.There is plenty of time for a few changes of outfit if you wish.
A day or two after the shoot I post all your images unedited on a password protected private gallery for you to view and pick your favorites for me to work on. I like to let you pick you favorite images as experience has shown me that if I pick them for you (which I used to do) I don’t always choose the ones you would. The gallery is automated so it's very simple to use and make your selection. Once you have chosen I take 2 to 3 weeks to provide you with your final image files. I adjust the color, crop, exposure remove small blemishes and work a little magic on them. These edited images are then uploaded to your gallery for you to download  as both Hi and Low Res files which are yours to keep and use as you wish. You can also share with your friends and social media directly from your gallery and ordering prints is simple too, although you are not obliged to order prints from me, you can take the files to any printer you choose.

Now you may be thinking "what happens to the rest of the images?" Well, if there are any more you would like retouched I charge just €3 per image or I can open the gallery so you can download ALL the extra un-edited images for an additional fee of €15. These extra images files are Low Res and just 72dpi so great for viewing on screen but not for printing. They are not to be posted on social media etc for my quality assurance purposes as they are not a finished product.