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Kristina and Toro Maternity Shoot

It was the end of January when I first spoke to Kristina about possibly doing a Maternity Shoot. She had some images she sent me and asked if I could do something similar. They were some really nice images taken on a beach with the sun setting in the background so I was already excited about doing the shoot. Then she told me she had some modeling experience - Cool, actually really cool, I couldn’t wait.

Over the next month we chatted on Facebook about the best location but mostly about a date. You would think that living in Malta we would not be short of a bit of sunshine, well not this year. It’s been a long and miserable winter, cold, windy and lots of rain. So we kept checking the forecast. There was a Saturday a few weeks ago which was the best day we have had so far this year but unfortunately I had another job on doing some head shots. So we waited, I was starting to get a little worried as Kristina is due very soon, we even talked about a using my studio as a backup in case the weather didn’t get better.

Then we had our break, Saturday 14th March looked like it would be a nice day, no wind, no rain and some sunshine. So we arranged to meet at mine for 3pm, the sun would set just after 6pm. I had arranged for my friend Zoe to come round and do makeup for Kristina. Make up takes 45 minutes to an hour normally, we then had to get to the beach which was only a short drive away but finding parking on a Saturday can be hard. I had scouted out a beach here in Bugibba which was perfect and being still winter it was empty.

 Zoe arrived bang on 3pm with Jasmin (my assistant for the shoot) and shortly after Kristina arrived with her boyfriend Toro. I had not yet met them in person and what a great couple they are. Zoe did a fantastic job with makeup, Kristina looked amazing.  We got to the beach at about 5pm giving us an hour and a half of shooting time which was perfect. 

The whole afternoon went really well and we got some really great shots. A big thank you to Zoe for the makeup, Jasmin for being my assistant and Kristina and Toro for asking me to capture this special time for them and letting me post a few of the images we managed to get.

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